Wilson Staff D9 Irons Review

Wilson Golf has long been a respected name in the world of golf equipment, and their latest offering, the Wilson Staff D9 Irons, continues this tradition of quality and performance. Designed with the needs of mid- to high-handicappers in mind, the D9 irons promise a winning combination of distance, forgiveness, and playability. In this golf irons review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes these irons stand out and who they might be best suited for.



The Wilson Staff D9 Irons boast a sleek and modern appearance, with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. The clubhead features a satin chrome finish that exudes sophistication and confidence at address. The progressive sole width and offset design inspire assurance, instilling a sense of control and precision in the player’s hands. Overall, the D9 Irons exude a timeless elegance that appeals to golfers of all skill levels.

Sound & Feel

The sound and feel of the Wilson Staff D9 Irons are exceptionally satisfying, providing feedback that resonates with players upon impact. The urethane-filled Power Holes dampen unwanted vibrations, resulting in a crisp and responsive feel that instills confidence in the golfer’s swing. The sound at impact is distinct yet subtle, offering a harmonious blend of power and control that enhances the overall playing experience.

Technology of Wilson Staff D9 Irons

The Wilson Staff D9 Irons represent a pinnacle of technological innovation in golf club design, integrating a range of features aimed at maximizing performance, distance, and forgiveness for players of all skill levels. Let’s delve into the cutting-edge technologies that define the Wilson Staff D9 Irons:

1. Power Holes:

One of the standout features of the Wilson Staff D9 Irons is the strategically placed Power Holes. These are visible on the sole and toe of each clubhead and serve a dual purpose: enhancing forgiveness and increasing ball speed. By strategically positioning these Power Holes, Wilson engineers have optimized the flex of the clubface at impact, resulting in greater energy transfer to the golf ball. This translates into increased distance on both well-struck shots and off-center hits, providing players with more consistent performance throughout their rounds.

2. Urethane pockets:

To further enhance the feel and performance of the D9 Irons, Wilson has incorporated urethane-filled pockets into the clubhead design. These pockets are strategically located to absorb unwanted vibrations generated at impact, resulting in a softer and more responsive feel. By minimizing harsh feedback on off-center strikes, the urethane pockets contribute to improved consistency and confidence for golfers, allowing them to trust their equipment and swing freely without fear of mishits.

3. Progressive sole width and offset design:

The Wilson Staff D9 Irons feature a progressive sole width and offset design across the set, ensuring optimal performance and playability from long irons to wedges. The wider sole and increased offset in the longer irons provide added stability and forgiveness, making it easier for players to launch the ball high and straight from the turf or rough. As the set progresses to the shorter irons and wedges, the sole width and offset are gradually reduced, allowing for greater versatility and precision on approach shots and around the greens.

4. High-strength face insert:

The clubface of the Wilson Staff D9 Irons incorporates a high-strength face insert made from a thin, yet durable material. This face insert is designed to maximize ball speed and distance by flexing more efficiently at impact, particularly on shots struck low on the face or towards the toe. By optimizing energy transfer from the clubhead to the golf ball, the high-strength face insert ensures that golfers achieve maximum distance with every swing, even on less-than-perfect strikes.

5. Optimized weighting:

To fine-tune the performance characteristics of the D9 Irons, Wilson has optimized the weighting properties of each clubhead. By strategically redistributing mass to key areas of the clubhead, such as the perimeter and sole, engineers have enhanced stability and forgiveness while maintaining a desirable trajectory and ball flight. This optimized weighting contributes to a more consistent and predictable performance across the entire set, allowing golfers to attack pins with confidence and precision.


Performance of Wilson Staff D9 Irons

The performance of golf clubs is the ultimate measure of their worth on the course, and the Wilson Staff D9 Irons excel in every aspect that matters to golfers of all skill levels. From distance and forgiveness to control and consistency, these irons are designed to elevate your game and help you achieve your full potential. Let’s delve into the performance characteristics that make the Wilson Staff D9 Irons stand out from the competition:

1. Distance:

Distance is often a top priority for golfers seeking to improve their game, and the Wilson Staff D9 Irons deliver in spades. The integration of advanced technologies such as Power Holes and a high-strength face insert ensures maximum energy transfer from the clubhead to the golf ball, resulting in explosive distance off the tee and on approach shots. Whether you’re attacking a par 5 in two or looking to stick it close to a tucked pin, the D9 Irons provide the extra yards you need to take your game to the next level.

2. Forgiveness:

Forgiveness is a crucial factor for golfers of all skill levels, especially those with mid- to high-handicaps who may struggle to consistently find the center of the clubface. The Wilson Staff D9 Irons are engineered with forgiveness in mind, thanks to features like Power Holes and urethane-filled pockets that optimize flex at impact and minimize the negative effects of off-center strikes. This forgiveness instills confidence in players, allowing them to swing freely without fear of mishits and enabling them to attack pins with precision and aggression.

3. Control:

While distance and forgiveness are essential, control is equally important, particularly on approach shots and around the greens. The Wilson Staff D9 Irons offer exceptional control and precision, allowing golfers to shape their shots and control trajectory with ease. The progressive sole width and offset design ensure optimal turf interaction and versatility, while the optimized weighting properties of each clubhead promote a desirable ball flight and trajectory. Whether you’re hitting a high, soft landing shot into a tight pin or shaping a draw around a dogleg, the D9 Irons give you the control you need to execute your shots with confidence.

4. Consistency:

Consistency is the hallmark of great golf, and the Wilson Staff D9 Irons deliver consistency in spades. The combination of advanced technologies and precision engineering results in a set of irons that perform predictably and reliably on every shot. Whether you’re hitting a full swing from the fairway or a delicate chip from the fringe, the D9 Irons provide the consistency you need to trust your equipment and focus on executing your shots to the best of your ability. This consistency breeds confidence, allowing you to play your best golf round after round.


Specifications of the Wilson Staff D9 Irons

The Wilson Staff D9 Irons are meticulously engineered to meet the needs of golfers seeking exceptional performance, distance, and forgiveness on the course. From the clubhead design to the shaft options, each aspect of these irons is carefully crafted to deliver optimal results. Let’s explore the specifications of the Wilson Staff D9 Irons:

1. Set Composition: The Wilson Staff D9 Irons are typically available in a 4-PW, GW (gap wedge) configuration, providing golfers with a comprehensive set of irons to cover a wide range of distances and shot types.

2. Shaft Options: Golfers have the option to choose between steel or graphite shafts for their Wilson Staff D9 Irons, allowing them to customize their clubs to suit their individual preferences and playing style. Steel shafts typically offer greater control and accuracy, while graphite shafts are favored for their lighter weight and potential for increased distance.

3. Flex Options: Wilson offers a range of flex options to cater to different swing speeds and player preferences. Golfers can choose from regular, stiff, or senior flex options, ensuring that they find the right balance of feel and performance to optimize their game.

4. Grip Options: The Wilson Staff D9 Irons come with a choice of standard or midsize grips, allowing golfers to select the grip size that best suits their hand size and comfort level. A properly fitted grip promotes proper hand placement and grip pressure, enhancing control and consistency in every swing.

5. Loft Options: The loft of each club in the Wilson Staff D9 Irons set varies to optimize distance and trajectory throughout the bag. While specific loft configurations may vary, typical loft angles range from approximately 19 degrees for the 4 iron to around 44 degrees for the pitching wedge (PW). These loft options ensure that golfers have the right tool for every shot, from long approach shots to delicate chip shots around the green.

6. Lie Angle: The lie angle of the Wilson Staff D9 Irons is set to a standard angle, which may vary slightly depending on the specific club. A properly fitted lie angle promotes consistent ball striking and ensures that the clubhead makes optimal contact with the turf at impact, leading to improved accuracy and control.


Pros of the Wilson Staff D9 Irons

  • Sleek and modern appearance
  • Exceptional forgiveness and distance
  • Crisp and responsive feel at impact
  • Consistent performance across the entire set
  • Versatile and reliable on the course
  • Inspires confidence in players of all skill levels

Cons of the Wilson Staff D9 Irons

  • May require an adjustment period for players transitioning from less forgiving clubs
  • Slightly demanding for beginners due to emphasis on performance over ease of use


Who are the Wilson Staff D9 Irons good for?

The Wilson Staff D9 Irons are primarily targeted at mid- to high-handicappers, individuals who are looking to improve their game without sacrificing forgiveness and distance. This audience typically includes players who may struggle with consistent ball-striking and are in need of clubs that can help them achieve better results on the course.

Are Wilson Staff D9 Irons forgiving?

Yes, the Wilson Staff D9 Irons are indeed forgiving. This forgiveness is achieved through a combination of design elements and technologies built into the clubheads. One such feature is the incorporation of Power Holes, which are strategically placed around the club face to enhance forgiveness on off-center hits. These Power Holes allow the face to flex more effectively at impact, resulting in greater ball speed and distance, even on mishits.

Additionally, the D9 irons feature urethane pockets behind the club face, which help to dampen vibrations and provide a softer feel at impact. This not only enhances the overall feel of the club but also contributes to improved forgiveness by minimizing the negative effects of mis-hits.

Overall, the combination of Power Holes, urethane pockets, and other design elements makes the Wilson Staff D9 Irons highly forgiving, ensuring that even less-than-perfect shots still find their way towards the target.

How far do Wilson Staff D9 Irons go?

The Wilson Staff D9 Irons are designed to deliver impressive distance, thanks to a range of innovative technologies incorporated into their construction. One such technology is the aforementioned Power Holes, which not only enhance forgiveness but also contribute to increased ball speed and distance.

Additionally, the D9 irons feature strong lofts, which further promote distance by reducing spin and launching the ball on a more penetrating trajectory. While strong lofts can sometimes sacrifice playability and control, the forgiveness built into the D9 irons helps to mitigate these concerns, allowing players to reap the benefits of added distance without sacrificing accuracy or consistency.

Overall, players can expect the Wilson Staff D9 Irons to provide significant gains in distance, both off the tee and from the fairway, making them an attractive option for those looking to add more yards to their game.

What are the Differences Between Wilson Staff D9 Irons and Wilson Staff D7 Irons?

When comparing the Wilson Staff D9 Irons to their predecessor, the Wilson Staff D7 Irons, several key differences emerge across various aspects of design and performance. Below is a detailed comparison highlighting the differences between these two iron sets:

Aspect Wilson Staff D9 Irons Wilson Staff D7 Irons
Construction Progressive design with Power Holes and urethane pockets Progressive design with Power Holes
Forgiveness Enhanced forgiveness with Power Holes and urethane pockets Forgiving design with Power Holes
Distance Optimized for maximum distance and ball speed Designed to deliver consistent distance
Control Balanced control and forgiveness Focus on forgiveness over precision
Appearance Sleek and modern with satin chrome finish Contemporary appearance with matte black finish
Technologies Power Holes, urethane pockets, high-strength face insert Power Holes, high-strength face insert
Target Audience Mid- to high-handicappers seeking distance and forgiveness Mid- to high-handicappers prioritizing forgiveness
Customization Options Steel or graphite shafts, regular, stiff, or senior flex options Steel shafts, regular, stiff, or senior flex options
Set Composition Typically 4-PW, GW (gap wedge) Typically 4-GW (gap wedge)
Price Usually higher due to advanced technologies Generally more affordable with fewer advanced features

Are Wilson Staff D9 Irons for beginners?

While the Wilson Staff D9 Irons are primarily designed with mid- to high-handicappers in mind, they may also appeal to beginners who are looking for a forgiving and distance-oriented set of irons. The forgiveness built into the D9 irons can be particularly beneficial for beginners who are still working on developing consistent ball-striking skills.

However, it’s worth noting that beginners may also benefit from irons that offer greater playability and feedback, as they continue to refine their swing mechanics and improve their overall game. While the D9 irons certainly provide ample forgiveness, some beginners may eventually outgrow their need for such forgiveness as their skills progress.

Ultimately, whether the Wilson Staff D9 Irons are a good choice for beginners will depend on individual preferences and playing styles. While they offer forgiveness and distance, beginners may also want to consider factors such as feel, feedback, and playability when making their decision.


Wilson Staff D9 Irons offer a compelling blend of forgiveness, distance, and control, making them an excellent choice for mid- to high-handicappers seeking to elevate their game. With innovative features like Power Holes and urethane pockets, these irons inspire confidence on every shot, even when faced with challenging conditions. Whether you’re looking to improve your consistency or unlock newfound distance, the Wilson Staff D9 Irons are sure to impress.

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