TaylorMade PSi Irons Review

TaylorMade Golf is renowned for its innovative designs and cutting-edge technology in the realm of golf equipment. One of their notable offerings tailored for mid-handicap golfers is the TaylorMade PSi Irons. These irons are crafted to provide a blend of forgiveness, distance, and control, catering to golfers looking to elevate their game to the next level. In this comprehensive golf irons review, we will delve into the various aspects of the TaylorMade PSi Irons to determine their suitability for different types of golfers.



The TaylorMade PSi irons boast a sleek and sophisticated appearance that appeals to the discerning golfer. With a classic cavity back design and minimalistic branding, these irons exude confidence and performance at address. The satin chrome finish adds a touch of elegance while reducing glare on sunny days, enhancing visual clarity throughout the swing. Overall, the PSi irons command attention on the course with their understated yet refined aesthetics.

Sound & Feel

When it comes to sound and feel, the TaylorMade PSi irons deliver a satisfying experience that resonates with every well-struck shot. The combination of a soft, forged face in the short irons and a responsive cast construction in the long irons creates a harmonious balance between feedback and forgiveness. Golfers can expect a crisp impact sound accompanied by a smooth sensation through the hands, providing confidence and assurance with each swing.


Technology of TaylorMade PSi Irons

The TaylorMade PSi irons are a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in golf club design. Packed with cutting-edge technologies, these irons are engineered to deliver optimal performance, forgiveness, and feel for mid-handicap golfers looking to elevate their game.

Speed Pocket Technology:

At the heart of the TaylorMade PSi irons lies the revolutionary Speed Pocket technology. Strategically positioned behind the clubface, the Speed Pocket is designed to enhance face flexibility and ball speed, particularly on shots struck low on the face. This results in increased distance and improved consistency, even on off-center hits, ensuring that golfers can achieve maximum performance across the entire face of the club.

Dynamic Feel System:

To complement the advanced Speed Pocket technology, TaylorMade has incorporated a Dynamic Feel System into the design of the PSi irons. This innovative system utilizes a combination of materials and construction techniques to fine-tune the sound and feel of each iron throughout the set. The result is a responsive and satisfying sensation at impact, providing golfers with immediate feedback and confidence in their shots.

Progressive Spec Design:

The TaylorMade PSi irons feature a Progressive Spec design, which means that each club in the set is optimized for its specific loft and intended purpose. From the long irons to the short irons, each club is meticulously engineered to deliver the ideal combination of launch angle, spin, and trajectory for maximum performance. This ensures that golfers can achieve consistent results from tee to green, regardless of the shot at hand.

Multi-Material Construction:

To further enhance performance and playability, the TaylorMade PSi irons boast a multi-material construction that optimizes weight distribution and stability throughout the clubhead. By strategically placing different materials such as steel, tungsten, and aluminum in key areas of the club, TaylorMade has been able to fine-tune the center of gravity and moment of inertia to promote a balanced and forgiving ball flight.

Customization Options:

In addition to its advanced technological features, the TaylorMade PSi irons also offer a range of customization options to suit individual preferences and playing styles. Golfers can choose from a variety of shaft options, including steel and graphite, as well as various grip choices to tailor their clubs to their specific needs. This customization flexibility ensures that each set of PSi irons is perfectly suited to the golfer wielding them, maximizing performance and enjoyment on the course.


Performance of TaylorMade PSi Irons

The performance of the TaylorMade PSi irons is where these clubs truly shine, offering a comprehensive blend of distance, forgiveness, and precision to elevate the game of mid-handicap golfers.


One of the standout features of the TaylorMade PSi irons is their ability to deliver impressive distance throughout the set. This is achieved through the integration of Speed Pocket technology, which enhances face flexibility and ball speed, particularly on off-center strikes. Whether it’s launching long irons off the tee or attacking pins with short irons, golfers can rely on the PSi irons to generate consistent distance and carry, providing a significant advantage on the course.


While the PSi irons prioritize distance and performance, they also offer a generous degree of forgiveness to help mitigate the effects of mis-hits. The strategically positioned Speed Pocket behind the clubface effectively enlarges the sweet spot, ensuring that off-center strikes still produce respectable ball flight and distance. This forgiveness factor instills confidence in golfers, allowing them to swing freely without fear of severe penalties for slight mishits.

Precision and Control:

Despite their forgiving nature, the TaylorMade PSi irons also excel in providing golfers with the precision and control needed to navigate the nuances of the golf course. The progressive design of the set ensures optimal performance from long irons to short irons, with each club engineered to deliver specific launch conditions and shot trajectories. This allows golfers to tailor their approach to different situations, whether it’s shaping shots around obstacles or holding greens on approach.


Another key aspect of the PSi irons’ performance is their workability, allowing golfers to manipulate ball flight and shape shots according to their preferences. The balanced design of the clubs, combined with the strategic placement of weight in the clubhead, promotes a neutral ball flight that can be easily shaped left or right as needed. This versatility enables golfers to tackle a variety of course conditions and adapt their game to changing circumstances with confidence.


Consistency is the hallmark of the TaylorMade PSi irons’ performance, ensuring that golfers can rely on their clubs to deliver predictable results round after round. Whether it’s maintaining consistent distance control on approach shots or achieving reliable ball flight off the tee, the PSi irons inspire confidence through their unwavering performance. This consistency factor allows golfers to focus on their game without being distracted by concerns about their equipment, ultimately leading to improved scores and a more enjoyable experience on the course.


Specifications of TaylorMade PSi Irons

The TaylorMade PSi irons are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of mid-handicap golfers seeking optimal performance, forgiveness, and versatility on the course. From the long irons to the wedges, each club in the PSi iron set is engineered with precision and care to deliver consistent results and an exceptional playing experience.

Clubhead Design:

The PSi irons feature a classic cavity back design with a clean and modern aesthetic. The clubheads are meticulously crafted to optimize performance and playability, providing golfers with confidence-inspiring looks at address and exceptional feedback throughout the swing.

Shaft Options:

TaylorMade offers a range of shaft options for the PSi irons to accommodate various player preferences and swing characteristics. Golfers can choose between steel and graphite shafts, each offering unique benefits in terms of feel, trajectory, and performance. The availability of different shaft options allows golfers to customize their clubs to suit their individual needs and playing style.

Grip Options:

In addition to shaft options, the TaylorMade PSi irons also come with a variety of grip choices to further tailor the clubs to the golfer’s preferences. Whether seeking a firmer grip for enhanced control or a softer grip for improved comfort, golfers have the flexibility to select the grip that best suits their needs and preferences.

Progressive Spec Package:

The PSi irons feature a progressive spec package, meaning that each club in the set is meticulously designed and engineered to deliver optimal performance based on its loft and intended use. From the longer irons designed for maximum distance and forgiveness to the shorter irons crafted for precision and control, the progressive spec package ensures that each club in the set performs at its best for its specific role in the bag.

Set Composition:

The TaylorMade PSi iron set typically includes a range of clubs from the 3-iron to the pitching wedge, providing golfers with comprehensive coverage from tee to green. Additionally, optional gap wedges and sand wedges are available to complement the set and fill any distance gaps in the player’s bag.

Customization Options:

TaylorMade offers a range of customization options for the PSi irons, allowing golfers to tailor their clubs to their specific needs and preferences. Whether adjusting loft and lie angles, selecting shaft and grip options, or customizing club lengths and swing weights, golfers have the flexibility to create a set of PSi irons that is perfectly suited to their game.

Pros of TaylorMade PSi Irons

  • Sleek and sophisticated appearance
  • Satisfying sound and feel at impact
  • Consistent ball flight and distance control
  • Versatile performance on various lies and shot shapes
  • Confidence-inspiring feedback for improved shotmaking

Cons of TaylorMade PSi Irons

  • May not offer as much forgiveness for high-handicap golfers
  • Slightly higher price point compared to some competitors
  • Limited customization options compared to other models in the TaylorMade lineup


Are TaylorMade PSi Irons for Beginners?

While TaylorMade PSi irons offer advanced features, they are not specifically tailored for beginners. These irons are better suited for mid-handicap golfers who possess a decent level of skill and consistency in their swings. High-handicap golfers might find the PSi irons a bit challenging to control due to their design aimed at optimizing performance rather than forgiving off-center hits.

How much do TaylorMade PSi Irons cost?

The price range for TaylorMade PSi iron sets varies depending on factors such as shaft material and customization options. Typically, a set of PSi irons with steel shafts can range from around $800 to $1000, while sets with graphite shafts might be priced slightly higher.

Differences between TaylorMade PSi and RSi Irons

When considering TaylorMade’s offerings for mid-handicap golfers, the PSi and RSi iron series stand out as popular choices. While both series share similarities in terms of forgiveness and playability, there are key differences that set them apart. Below, we’ll explore these variances in detail.

Aspect TaylorMade PSi Irons TaylorMade RSi Irons
Forgiveness Offers moderate forgiveness with enhanced control and feel. Boasts maximum forgiveness with face slots for off-center hits.
Looks Features a classic cavity back design with clean aesthetics. Sports a more modern appearance with visible face slot technology.
Feel Provides a softer, more responsive feel at impact. Offers a slightly firmer feel with increased feedback.
Customization Provides limited customization options compared to RSi irons. Offers extensive customization options for loft, lie, and shaft.
Technology Utilizes Speed Pocket technology for enhanced ball speed. Features Face Slot technology for improved forgiveness.

Are TaylorMade PSi Irons Forged or Cast?

TaylorMade PSi irons utilize a combination of cast and forged construction to optimize performance across the set. The long irons are typically cast, providing enhanced distance and forgiveness, while the short irons are forged to deliver precise control and feel, especially on approach shots and around the greens.

Are TaylorMade PSi Irons Good for Mid-handicappers?

For mid-handicap golfers, TaylorMade PSi irons offer a host of features that can significantly improve their game. The forgiveness built into these irons ensures that off-center strikes still result in reasonable ball flight and distance. Additionally, the strategic placement of weight in the clubhead enhances stability and control, allowing golfers to attack pins with confidence. The combination of distance, forgiveness, and improved feel makes the PSi irons an attractive option for mid-handicap players looking to refine their skills and lower their scores.


TaylorMade PSi irons represent a compelling choice for mid-handicap golfers seeking to elevate their game. With a perfect blend of forgiveness, distance, and control, these irons offer the performance and versatility needed to excel on the course. While they may not be ideal for beginners or high-handicap players, mid-handicappers will appreciate the technological advancements and craftsmanship that TaylorMade has infused into the PSi irons. Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your approach shots or gain consistency off the tee, the TaylorMade PSi irons are sure to deliver a satisfying experience on every swing.

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