TaylorMade M5 Iron Review

TaylorMade, a leading name in golf equipment innovation, has consistently pushed the boundaries of technology to enhance the performance of golfers of all skill levels. The TaylorMade M5 irons are no exception, designed to cater to mid-to-high handicappers seeking distance, forgiveness, and a player-like look. In this comprehensive golf irons review, we’ll delve into the looks. sound & feel, technology, performance, specifications, pros and  cons of the TaylorMade M5 irons.



The TaylorMade M5 irons boast a sleek and sophisticated appearance that will appeal to golfers seeking a blend of performance and aesthetics. Featuring a compact clubhead with minimal offset, the M5s exude confidence at address and inspire trust in the golfer’s shotmaking abilities. The clean lines, subtle branding, and premium finish give the M5 irons a timeless and elegant look that stands out on the course.

Sound & Feel

One of the standout features of the TaylorMade M5 irons is their exceptional sound and feel at impact. The incorporation of advanced dampening technologies, such as HYBRAR, helps to absorb unwanted vibrations and provide a satisfying sensation through the hands. Golfers can expect a crisp and responsive feel with each well-struck shot, enhancing their overall confidence and enjoyment on the course.


Technology of TaylorMade M5 Iron

The technology behind the TaylorMade M5 irons represents a culmination of innovative engineering aimed at maximizing performance and playability for golfers of all skill levels. From the clubhead to the shaft, each component is meticulously designed and strategically integrated to deliver exceptional distance, forgiveness, and feel. Let’s delve into the key technologies that make the TaylorMade M5 irons stand out on the course:

1. Speed Bridge:

At the heart of the TaylorMade M5 irons lies the revolutionary Speed Bridge technology. This structural innovation connects the top line to the sole of the club, effectively bridging the cavity back and stiffening the clubhead’s perimeter. By reinforcing the structure, the Speed Bridge allows for greater energy transfer and minimizes unwanted vibrations, resulting in increased ball speed and improved feel at impact. The enhanced stability provided by the Speed Bridge ensures consistent performance across the face, even on off-center strikes, leading to greater distance and forgiveness on every shot.

2. Speed Pocket:

Complementing the Speed Bridge is the Speed Pocket, a flexible slot in the sole of the club designed to enhance ball speed and forgiveness, particularly on low-face strikes. The Speed Pocket allows the face to flex more effectively at impact, generating higher launch angles and faster ball speeds for greater distance and consistency. This technology is especially beneficial for golfers who tend to strike the ball low on the face, ensuring that they still achieve optimal performance and trajectory with the TaylorMade M5 irons.

3. HYBRAR Dampening System:

To further enhance the overall sound and feel of the TaylorMade M5 irons, TaylorMade has incorporated the HYBRAR dampening system. This advanced material is strategically positioned within the clubhead to absorb unwanted vibrations and provide a more responsive sensation through the hands. By minimizing harsh feedback and optimizing feedback, the HYBRAR dampening system ensures that golfers experience a crisp and satisfying feel at impact, enhancing their confidence and control on every shot.

4. Tungsten Weighting:

Strategically placed tungsten weights in the sole of the TaylorMade M5 irons optimize the center of gravity (CG) position for maximum launch and forgiveness. By precisely positioning the weights, TaylorMade engineers are able to fine-tune the CG location to promote higher launch angles and more stable ball flights, particularly on off-center strikes. This results in improved distance and accuracy, helping golfers hit more greens in regulation and lower their scores.

5. Progressive Inverted Cone Technology (ICT):

The TaylorMade M5 irons feature Progressive Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) to optimize ball speed and forgiveness across the entire face. This innovative design gradually increases the thickness of the face from the center to the perimeter, allowing for more consistent ball speeds and tighter dispersion, even on mis-hits. By fine-tuning the face geometry, TaylorMade ensures that golfers achieve maximum distance and forgiveness on every shot, regardless of where they make contact on the face.

6. Advanced Materials and Construction:

To further enhance performance and durability, the TaylorMade M5 irons are crafted using premium materials and advanced construction techniques. The use of high-strength steel in the clubhead allows for thinner face designs and increased ball speed, while the multi-material badge dampens vibrations for improved sound and feel. Additionally, the precise shaping and CNC milling ensure tight tolerances and consistent performance throughout the set, providing golfers with confidence and reliability on every swing.


Performance of TaylorMade M5 Iron 

The performance of the TaylorMade M5 irons is nothing short of exceptional, delivering a perfect balance of distance, forgiveness, and playability to golfers of all skill levels. Engineered with cutting-edge technologies and precision craftsmanship, the M5 irons are designed to elevate every aspect of your iron game, from long approach shots to delicate greenside pitches. Let’s explore the key performance attributes that make the TaylorMade M5 irons stand out on the course:

1. Distance:

One of the most striking features of the TaylorMade M5 irons is their impressive distance performance. This is largely attributed to the incorporation of Speed Bridge and Speed Pocket technologies, which work together to maximize energy transfer and ball speed across the entire face. The Speed Bridge stiffens the clubhead structure, allowing for greater face deflection and higher ball speeds, while the Speed Pocket enhances flexibility and launch on low-face strikes. The result is longer carry distances and increased overall distance, helping golfers reach more greens in regulation and attack pins with confidence.

2. Forgiveness:

Despite their compact appearance, the TaylorMade M5 irons offer remarkable forgiveness on off-center strikes. This is achieved through advanced perimeter weighting and Progressive Inverted Cone Technology (ICT), which optimize the CG position and face geometry to maintain ball speed and accuracy, even on mis-hits. The tungsten weighting in the sole further enhances forgiveness by stabilizing the clubhead at impact, minimizing the negative effects of mishits and providing consistent performance across the face. Whether you’re facing a tight fairway or a challenging approach shot, the forgiveness of the M5 irons instills confidence and helps you navigate the course with ease.

3. Playability:

In addition to distance and forgiveness, the TaylorMade M5 irons offer exceptional playability in a variety of situations. The compact clubhead design and minimal offset provide a sleek and confidence-inspiring look at address, allowing for precise shotmaking and trajectory control. The progressive shaping and optimized CG location ensure that each iron in the set performs exactly as intended, from the long irons to the scoring wedges. Whether you’re shaping shots around obstacles or attacking pins from the fairway, the versatility and playability of the M5 irons enable you to execute your desired shot with precision and consistency.

4. Feel:

Last but not least, the TaylorMade M5 irons deliver an unparalleled feel at impact that is both responsive and satisfying. The HYBRAR dampening system effectively absorbs unwanted vibrations and provides a crisp sensation through the hands, allowing you to easily gauge the quality of your strike and the flight of the ball. Whether you’re flushing a long iron or delicately pitching onto the green, the feedback and feel of the M5 irons instill confidence and enhance your connection to the game.


Specifications of TaylorMade M5 Iron 

The TaylorMade M5 irons are engineered to meet the exacting specifications and preferences of golfers seeking maximum performance and playability. From the clubhead design to the shaft options, every aspect of the M5 irons is carefully crafted to optimize distance, forgiveness, and feel. Here are the specifications of the TaylorMade M5 irons:

1. Set Makeup:

The TaylorMade M5 iron set typically includes the following clubs:

  • 4 Iron
  • 5 Iron
  • 6 Iron
  • 7 Iron
  • 8 Iron
  • 9 Iron
  • Pitching Wedge (PW)
  • Approach Wedge (AW) or Gap Wedge

This comprehensive set makeup ensures that golfers have the versatility and coverage needed to tackle a wide range of shot distances and situations on the course.

2. Shaft Options:

The TaylorMade M5 irons are available with a variety of shaft options to suit different swing profiles and preferences. These include:

  • Steel Shafts: Various steel shaft options are available, including regular, stiff, and extra stiff flexes, as well as different weights and profiles to optimize launch and spin characteristics.
  • Graphite Shafts: Golfers can also choose from a range of graphite shaft options, which offer lightweight construction and enhanced feel for players seeking maximum distance and control.

Selecting the right shaft option is crucial for optimizing performance and ensuring that the clubs match your swing dynamics and playing style.

3. Grip:

The TaylorMade M5 irons come equipped with standard grips, providing a comfortable and secure hold for most golfers. However, there may be options for premium grip upgrades or customization to tailor the grip size and texture to individual preferences.

A properly fitted grip can enhance feel, control, and confidence, so it’s important to consider grip options when purchasing the M5 irons.

4. Loft:

The loft of each TaylorMade M5 iron is carefully optimized to achieve the desired trajectory and distance control. While specific loft angles may vary slightly depending on the club, the M5 irons typically feature stronger lofts compared to traditional irons, resulting in higher launch angles and greater distance potential.

Understanding the loft of each iron in the set allows golfers to make informed decisions about club selection and shot strategy on the course.

5. Lie Angle:

The lie angle of the TaylorMade M5 irons can be adjusted to fine-tune ball flight and accuracy for each individual golfer. Custom lie angle adjustments ensure that the clubs are properly aligned at impact, promoting more consistent ball striking and trajectory control.

Having the correct lie angle is essential for maximizing performance and optimizing turf interaction, especially for golfers with specific swing characteristics or fitting requirements.

6. Length:

The TaylorMade M5 irons are typically available in standard lengths for most golfers. However, custom length options may be available for players who require longer or shorter shafts to accommodate their height, posture, or swing mechanics.

Ensuring that the irons are properly fitted for length helps golfers achieve optimal setup position and swing mechanics, resulting in improved consistency and performance on the course.


  • Impressive distance performance thanks to innovative technologies like Speed Bridge and Speed Pocket.
  • Exceptional forgiveness on off-center strikes, helping golfers maintain consistency and accuracy.
  • Sleek and sophisticated appearance with minimal offset for a player-like look at address.
  • Outstanding sound and feel at impact, providing golfers with confidence and feedback on their shots.
  • Enhanced perimeter weighting and redesigned clubhead construction for maximum forgiveness and playability.


  • Slightly less workable than traditional player’s irons, limiting shot shaping capabilities for better players.
  • Stronger lofts may affect trajectory and descent angle, potentially impacting stopping power on approach shots.


Are TaylorMade M5 Irons Good?

The TaylorMade M5 irons boast several key strengths that make them a compelling choice for golfers looking to improve their game. First and foremost is their impressive distance performance. The incorporation of cutting-edge technology, such as Speed Bridge and Speed Pocket, allows for greater energy transfer and higher ball speeds, resulting in longer distances on every shot.

Additionally, the M5 irons offer exceptional forgiveness, thanks to their enhanced perimeter weighting and redesigned clubhead construction. This forgiveness ensures that off-center strikes still maintain respectable distance and accuracy, helping golfers hit more greens and lower their scores.

Despite being categorized as game-improvement irons, the TaylorMade M5s provide a surprisingly good feel at impact. This is partly attributed to the use of advanced materials and dampening technologies in their construction, which help to dampen unwanted vibrations and provide a satisfying sensation through the hands.

However, one potential drawback of the M5 irons is their slightly reduced workability compared to traditional player’s irons. While they offer a degree of shot shaping capability, golfers who prioritize the ability to manipulate trajectory and shape shots may find the M5s somewhat limiting in this regard.

What is the Difference Between TaylorMade M3 and M5 Irons?

The TaylorMade M3 and M5 irons are both renowned for their performance and innovation, but there are some key differences between the two models. While both sets of irons offer impressive distance, forgiveness, and playability, they cater to slightly different preferences and playing styles. Here’s a comparison of the main differences between the TaylorMade M3 and M5 irons:

Feature TaylorMade M3 Irons TaylorMade M5 Irons
Clubhead Design Slightly larger profile with moderate offset More compact clubhead with minimal offset
Technology Incorporates RIBCOR technology for enhanced sound and feel Features Speed Bridge and Speed Pocket technologies for increased ball speed and forgiveness
Workability Offers a good balance of forgiveness and workability Slightly less workable than M3 irons, more geared towards forgiveness
Feel Provides a solid feel at impact with good feedback Offers a crisper feel at impact with improved feedback
Appearance Features a traditional game-improvement iron look Boasts a sleek and player-inspired appearance
Target Golfer Appeals to a wide range of players seeking a blend of distance and control Ideal for mid-to-high handicappers looking for distance, forgiveness, and a player-like look
Price Typically priced lower than M5 irons Generally priced higher than M3 irons

While both the TaylorMade M3 and M5 irons excel in delivering distance, forgiveness, and playability, the key differences lie in their clubhead design, technology, and target audience. Golfers seeking a traditional game-improvement iron with a solid feel and moderate forgiveness may prefer the TaylorMade M3 irons, while those looking for a more compact, player-inspired design with enhanced ball speed and forgiveness may lean towards the TaylorMade M5 irons. Ultimately, the choice between the two models will depend on individual preferences, playing style, and fitting requirements.

How Far Do TaylorMade M5 Irons Go?

The TaylorMade M5 irons are engineered to maximize distance without sacrificing control or feel. One of the key factors contributing to their impressive distance performance is the high launch angle achieved through optimized weight distribution and a low center of gravity.

Additionally, the M5 irons feature stronger lofts compared to traditional irons, which further enhances ball speed and distance. However, it’s important to note that while the M5s may offer longer distances compared to older irons, the stronger lofts can affect the trajectory and descent angle of the ball, potentially impacting stopping power on approach shots.

Overall, golfers can expect to see noticeable gains in distance with the TaylorMade M5 irons, particularly on off-center strikes where the enhanced forgiveness helps to maintain ball speed and carry distance.

Who Should Play TaylorMade M5 Irons?

The TaylorMade M5 irons are ideally suited for mid-to-high handicappers who prioritize distance and forgiveness in their iron play. These golfers will benefit from the combination of innovative technologies and game-improvement features that the M5 irons offer, helping them hit more greens in regulation and improve their overall consistency.

Furthermore, the player-inspired look of the M5 irons will appeal to golfers who desire the performance benefits of a game-improvement iron without sacrificing the aesthetics of a traditional player’s club. The sleek design and refined finish of the M5s provide confidence at address and instill a sense of pride in ownership.

While the TaylorMade M5 irons are an excellent choice for many golfers, it’s important to acknowledge that they may not be suitable for everyone. High handicappers who struggle with consistency and accuracy may benefit more from irons specifically designed for maximum forgiveness, while better players who prioritize workability and shot shaping may find the M5s somewhat limiting in this regard.


The TaylorMade M5 irons represent a significant advancement in game-improvement technology, offering golfers the perfect blend of distance, forgiveness, and feel. With innovative features such as Speed Bridge and Speed Pocket, these irons deliver impressive performance on the course, helping golfers of all skill levels elevate their game. For those considering investing in the TaylorMade M5 irons, I highly recommend getting properly fitted by a qualified professional. A custom fitting ensures that the clubs are tailored to your individual swing characteristics, maximizing their effectiveness and providing you with the best possible performance. Whether you’re a mid-to-high handicapper looking to improve your iron play or a seasoned golfer seeking enhanced distance and control, the TaylorMade M5 irons are sure to exceed your expectations and elevate your game to new heights.

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