Titleist 620 MB Golf Irons Review

Titleist is a brand synonymous with excellence in the world of golf. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to crafting high-quality equipment, Titleist has consistently delivered top-notch performance across their range of products. Among their lineup of irons, the Titleist 620 MB stands out as a pinnacle of precision and control, tailored specifically for the discerning golfer who demands nothing but the best. In this golf irons review, we’ll delve into the features, benefits, forgiveness, and comparisons of the Titleist 620 MB Golf Irons.


Technology Titleist 620 MB Golf Irons

The Titleist 620 MB irons may appear traditional in design, but beneath their sleek exterior lies a wealth of cutting-edge technology aimed at enhancing performance for the discerning golfer. At the core of these irons is a precisely forged construction, utilizing high-quality carbon steel to deliver unparalleled consistency and feel. This forging process ensures that each iron in the set maintains tight tolerances, resulting in uniform performance across the entire set.

Furthermore, the compact blade profile of the Titleist 620 MB irons is complemented by advanced CNC milling techniques, which optimize the shaping and weight distribution of the clubheads for maximum precision and control. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the irons offer exceptional workability, allowing skilled players to manipulate ball flight with ease.

Additionally, Titleist has incorporated tungsten weighting strategically within the design of the 620 MB irons to fine-tune the center of gravity and optimize launch conditions. This precise placement of tungsten enhances stability and control, particularly on off-center strikes, while maintaining the traditional look and feel that players covet in a classic muscle-back iron.

In summary, the technology utilized in the Titleist 620 MB irons represents the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation, catering to the needs of skilled golfers who demand nothing but the best from their equipment.

Esthetics Titleist 620 MB Golf Irons

The Titleist 620 MB irons exude elegance and sophistication with their timeless design and meticulous craftsmanship. From the moment they are unveiled, it’s evident that these irons are a work of art, showcasing clean lines, a compact blade profile, and minimal offset that instills confidence at address.

The satin finish of the clubheads provides a classic aesthetic that appeals to purists and traditionalists alike, while subtle branding elements remind players of the prestigious Titleist lineage. The simplicity of the design is further accentuated by the absence of unnecessary embellishments, allowing the purity of the club’s form to speak for itself.

Every detail, from the precision milling on the clubface to the seamless transition between the hosel and the blade, reflects Titleist’s unwavering commitment to excellence in both form and function. Whether resting in the bag or poised over the ball, the Titleist 620 MB irons exude an aura of confidence and refinement that sets them apart on the course.


Performance Titleist 620 MB Golf Irons

When it comes to performance, the Titleist 620 MB irons deliver in spades, offering unrivaled precision and shot-making capabilities for the skilled golfer. From the first swing, it’s apparent that these irons are designed for players who demand the utmost control over their ball flight.

The compact blade profile and minimal offset of the 620 MB irons provide exceptional workability, allowing players to shape shots with confidence and consistency. Whether executing a delicate fade around a tree or flighting a low draw into a stiff breeze, these irons respond obediently to the golfer’s intentions, translating even the subtlest adjustments into precise ball flight.

Moreover, the forged construction of the Titleist 620 MB irons ensures a soft yet responsive feel at impact, providing instant feedback to the golfer’s senses. This feedback loop fosters a deeper connection between player and club, enabling golfers to fine-tune their swing and dial in their distances with unparalleled accuracy.

In terms of distance control and forgiveness, the Titleist 620 MB irons may not offer the forgiveness of game-improvement irons, but for players who prioritize precision over forgiveness, these irons are a revelation. Each shot requires deliberate execution, rewarding those who consistently find the center of the clubface with optimal performance and shot control.

Specifications Titleist 620 MB Golf Irons

The Titleist 620 MB irons are available in a variety of configurations to suit the preferences and needs of different players. Standard specifications for the Titleist 620 MB irons include:

  • Construction: Forged from high-quality carbon steel
  • Set Makeup: Available in traditional 3-PW configuration
  • Shaft Options: Offered with a selection of premium steel and graphite shafts
  • Shaft Flex: Available in a range of flex options to accommodate varying swing speeds
  • Grip: Fitted with Titleist-branded grips as standard, with options for customization

Additionally, Titleist offers customization options for loft and lie angles to ensure that each set of 620 MB irons is precisely tailored to the individual player’s specifications. Whether seeking a standard off-the-rack configuration or a fully customized setup, Titleist provides the flexibility to create the perfect set of irons for every golfer.


Who are Titleist 620 MB irons for?

The Titleist 620 MB irons are designed with a specific audience in mind – skilled golfers and low handicappers who prioritize workability and control in their iron play. These players possess the proficiency to shape shots according to their intentions and rely on consistent ball striking to navigate the course with precision. For them, forgiveness takes a backseat to the ability to manipulate the ball flight with utmost precision.

How forgiving are Titleist 620 MB irons?

In terms of forgiveness, the Titleist 620 MB irons offer minimal assistance on off-center hits. Unlike game-improvement irons that feature technology aimed at mitigating the effects of mis-hits, the 620 MBs place a premium on pure ball striking. Each shot requires meticulous execution, rewarding those who consistently find the center of the clubface with optimal performance and shot control.

What’s different Titleist 620 MB vs. Titleist 718 MB irons?

Titleist has a legacy of crafting exceptional irons, and the comparison between the Titleist 620 MB and Titleist 718 MB models highlights the brand’s commitment to continuous improvement. While both sets cater to the needs of skilled golfers, subtle refinements distinguish these two iterations. Let’s delve into the key differences between the Titleist 620 MB and Titleist 718 MB irons:

Feature Titleist 620 MB Irons Titleist 718 MB Irons
Construction Forged from high-quality carbon steel Forged from high-quality carbon steel
Blade Profile Slightly more compact for a sleeker appearance Slightly larger to inspire confidence at address
Design Changes Minor refinements for enhanced aesthetics and turf interaction Traditional design with timeless appeal
Feel Soft yet responsive, with crisp feedback on center strikes Similar soft feel with excellent feedback for shot shaping
Workability Exceptional ability to shape shots with precision Offers workability but with a slightly more forgiving nature
Forgiveness Limited forgiveness, demanding precise ball striking Slightly more forgiveness on off-center hits
Tungsten Weighting Strategically placed for optimized CG and stability Similar tungsten weighting for improved forgiveness and control

The Titleist 620 MB irons represent the pinnacle of precision and control, with refined aesthetics and enhanced turf interaction. Meanwhile, the Titleist 718 MB irons maintain a traditional design, catering to golfers seeking a classic look with modern performance features. Ultimately, the choice between these two exceptional sets of irons comes down to personal preference and playing style.

Do Titleist 620 MB irons offer good feel?

One of the most notable characteristics of the Titleist 620 MB irons is their exceptional feel. With a forged construction, these irons deliver a soft sensation upon impact, coupled with a crispness that resonates through the hands of the golfer. However, it’s essential to note that there may be a brief break-in period as players adjust to the unique feedback provided by these irons. Once acclimated, golfers will appreciate the unparalleled feedback that enhances their ability to fine-tune their shots.

What is the best shaft option for Titleist 620 MB irons?

Selecting the optimal shaft for the Titleist 620 MB irons is a crucial decision that depends on factors such as swing speed and personal preference. With a myriad of shaft options available, ranging in flex and material composition, players are encouraged to undergo a custom fitting session to identify the shaft that complements their swing characteristics and maximizes the performance of these irons. By consulting with a knowledgeable fitter, golfers can ensure that they extract the full potential of their Titleist 620 MB irons.


The Titleist 620 MB irons epitomize the pinnacle of precision and control in the realm of golf irons. Crafted for skilled players who demand uncompromising performance, these irons offer unparalleled shot-making capabilities and feedback that allow golfers to execute their desired shots with confidence. While forgiveness may be limited, the benefits of superior workability and feel more than compensate for the precision required. For golfers seeking irons that elevate their game to new heights, the Titleist 620 MBs are an indispensable tool on the journey to mastery of the sport.

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