Ping G410 Irons Review

The Ping G410 irons, released in 2019, have quickly garnered a reputation as a go-to option for mid- to high-handicap golfers looking for a blend of forgiveness, distance, and improved aesthetics. As a game-improvement iron set, the G410 irons are designed to help golfers enhance their performance by making it easier to hit solid, accurate shots. This  golf Irons reviews will delve into the various aspects of the Ping G410 irons, including their strengths, how they compare to their predecessors, their suitability for beginners, pricing, and their effectiveness for high handicappers.



The Ping G410 irons present a significant aesthetic upgrade compared to their predecessors. The most notable change is the thinner top line, which gives these irons a more refined and streamlined appearance. This sleek design is appealing to a wide range of golfers, particularly those who prefer a traditional look at address.

Additionally, the reduced offset in the G410 irons contributes to their improved visual appeal. This design element provides a more classic look, which many golfers find more attractive than the more pronounced offset seen in previous models. The hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish not only enhances the irons’ appearance but also offers practical benefits by repelling water and reducing friction through the turf.

Overall, the Ping G410 irons strike a balance between a modern and traditional aesthetic, making them visually appealing without sacrificing performance.

Sound & Feel

The sound and feel of the Ping G410 irons are impressive and contribute to their overall performance. The irons produce a solid, satisfying sound at impact, which is a result of the high-strength steel face and the optimized weight distribution. This auditory feedback is important for golfers as it provides a sense of confidence and assurance that the club is performing as expected.

In terms of feel, the G410 irons are designed to offer a softer, more responsive experience. The use of COR-Eye Technology and the co-molded cavity badge work together to dampen vibrations, resulting in a more pleasant feel even on off-center hits. This combination of sound and feel makes the G410 irons enjoyable to play with and helps golfers maintain confidence in their shots.


Technology of Ping G410 Irons

The Ping G410 irons incorporate a range of advanced technologies designed to enhance performance, improve forgiveness, and deliver greater consistency. Each technological feature is carefully crafted to meet the needs of mid- to high-handicap golfers, ensuring that they get the most out of their equipment. Here’s a detailed look at the technology behind the Ping G410 irons:

Face Flex Technology

At the heart of the Ping G410 irons’ performance is their face flex technology. This design feature involves a thin, high-strength steel face that flexes more upon impact. This increased flexing results in higher ball speeds and, consequently, greater distance. The face flex technology allows golfers to achieve impressive yardages, even on mishits, making the irons exceptionally forgiving.

COR-Eye Technology

Ping’s COR-Eye Technology is another crucial component of the G410 irons. This innovation works in conjunction with the face flex technology to enhance the clubface’s ability to generate speed and distance. By promoting faster ball speeds and higher launch angles, COR-Eye Technology ensures that shots travel farther and higher, benefiting golfers who need help getting the ball airborne.

Perimeter Weighting

Forgiveness is a key attribute of the G410 irons, and perimeter weighting plays a significant role in this. By redistributing weight around the clubface’s perimeter, Ping has increased the moment of inertia (MOI) of these irons. A higher MOI means that the clubhead is more stable and less prone to twisting on off-center hits. This stability translates to more consistent results, even when contact with the ball isn’t perfect.

High-Strength Steel Face

The Ping G410 irons feature a high-strength steel face, which is both thin and flexible. This material choice is critical for achieving the high ball speeds that the G410 irons are known for. The thin face design also contributes to the overall feel of the irons, providing a solid and satisfying impact sensation. The use of high-strength steel ensures that the face can withstand repeated impacts while maintaining its performance characteristics.

Custom Tuning Port (CTP)

The Custom Tuning Port (CTP) is an integral part of the G410 irons’ design. Located in the cavity of the irons, the CTP helps to fine-tune the club’s center of gravity and improve its feel. By precisely positioning the CTP, Ping has managed to optimize the launch conditions and enhance the feel of the G410 irons. This technology also plays a role in reducing vibrations, providing a more pleasant and responsive feel on contact.

Hydropearl 2.0 Chrome Finish

Aesthetics and performance come together with the Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish. This advanced finish not only gives the G410 irons a sleek and premium look but also provides practical benefits. The finish is designed to repel water, reducing friction through the turf and improving performance in wet conditions. This means that golfers can expect more consistent results regardless of the weather, making the G410 irons versatile and reliable.

Tungsten Weighting

The use of tungsten weighting in the Ping G410 irons further enhances their forgiveness and stability. Tungsten is a dense material that allows for precise weight placement in the clubhead. By incorporating tungsten weights in strategic locations, Ping has been able to increase the MOI and optimize the center of gravity. This results in a more forgiving club that offers greater stability and consistency on every shot.

Co-Molded Cavity Badge

The co-molded cavity badge is a feature that contributes to the sound and feel of the Ping G410 irons. Placed in the back cavity of the irons, this badge is designed to dampen vibrations and enhance the overall feel at impact. The co-molding process ensures that the badge effectively absorbs unwanted vibrations, providing a softer and more responsive feel. This technology helps golfers enjoy a more satisfying impact sensation, which can boost confidence and enjoyment on the course.

Reduced Offset and Thinner Top Line

The design of the Ping G410 irons includes a reduced offset and a thinner top line compared to previous models. These aesthetic changes appeal to golfers who prefer a more traditional look at address. The reduced offset helps in achieving a straighter ball flight and provides a cleaner appearance, while the thinner top line gives the irons a sleeker and more refined look. Despite these changes, the G410 irons still maintain their high level of forgiveness and performance.

Advanced Shaft Options

Ping offers a variety of advanced shaft options for the G410 irons, allowing golfers to customize their clubs to match their swing characteristics. Whether a player prefers a steel shaft for added stability and control or a graphite shaft for increased flexibility and lighter weight, Ping provides options to suit different preferences and needs. These custom shaft options help golfers optimize their performance and achieve the best possible results on the course.


Performance of Ping G410 Irons

The performance of the Ping G410 irons is marked by a blend of forgiveness, distance, consistency, and ease of use, making them an excellent choice for mid- to high-handicap golfers. Let’s dive into the specific performance aspects that set the Ping G410 irons apart:


One of the standout features of the Ping G410 irons is their ability to generate impressive distance. This is largely due to the implementation of face flex technology and the use of a thin, high-strength steel face. These elements work together to increase ball speed, even on off-center hits, resulting in longer shots. The lower center of gravity (CG) in these irons also contributes to a higher launch angle, which further enhances carry distance. For golfers who struggle to achieve significant yardage, the G410 irons provide a noticeable boost.


Forgiveness is a critical factor for many golfers, especially those with higher handicaps. The Ping G410 irons excel in this area thanks to their perimeter weighting and a larger sweet spot. These design features help to minimize the negative effects of off-center strikes, ensuring that even less-than-perfect shots still travel a reasonable distance and maintain a decent trajectory. This forgiveness can significantly enhance a golfer’s confidence and enjoyment on the course, as mishits are less likely to result in disastrous outcomes.


Accuracy is another area where the G410 irons perform exceptionally well. The optimized weight distribution and high MOI (Moment of Inertia) contribute to the stability of the clubhead during the swing. This stability helps to keep the clubface square to the target, leading to more precise shots. The reduced offset also aids in providing a straighter ball flight, which can be beneficial for golfers who tend to slice or hook the ball.

Launch and Ball Flight

The Ping G410 irons are designed to produce a high launch, which is advantageous for achieving maximum carry distance. The lower CG helps to get the ball airborne quickly and easily, even for golfers with slower swing speeds. This higher launch angle is particularly useful for clearing hazards and holding greens, making approach shots more effective and increasing the chances of lowering scores.


While the primary focus of the G410 irons is on forgiveness and distance, they also offer a reasonable degree of workability. The reduced offset and thinner top line provide a more traditional look, which can appeal to golfers who prefer to shape their shots. However, it’s important to note that the G410 irons are not as workable as some players’ irons, which are specifically designed for maximum control and shot-shaping capabilities. Advanced golfers seeking to execute precise fades and draws might find the G410 irons slightly limiting in this regard.


Consistency is key to improving one’s golf game, and the Ping G410 irons deliver in this area. The combination of perimeter weighting, a high MOI, and face flex technology ensures that performance remains stable across the clubface. This consistency means that golfers can rely on their G410 irons to produce similar results on both well-struck and mishit shots, reducing the variability that can frustrate many players.


The performance of the Ping G410 irons is versatile enough to handle a variety of course conditions and shot requirements. The hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish, which repels water and reduces friction through the turf, enhances performance in both wet and dry conditions. This versatility ensures that golfers can rely on their G410 irons regardless of the weather or course layout.


The Ping G410 irons come in various configurations to suit different golfer preferences. Below are the standard specifications:

  • Loft: 20° (4-iron) to 54° (sand wedge)
  • Length: 39.25″ (4-iron) to 35.25″ (sand wedge)
  • Lie Angle: 60.5° (4-iron) to 64° (sand wedge)
  • Offset: 0.26″ (4-iron) to 0.12″ (sand wedge)
  • Swing Weight: D0 (graphite shafts) to D2 (steel shafts)

These specifications can be customized based on individual golfer needs through Ping’s fitting process.


  • Forgiveness: The G410 irons are highly forgiving, making them ideal for mid- to high-handicap golfers.
  • Distance: The thin, high-strength steel face and face flex technology deliver impressive distance.
  • Aesthetics: Improved looks with a thinner top line, reduced offset, and hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish.
  • Consistency: Perimeter weighting and high MOI provide consistent results across the clubface.
  • Sound & Feel: Solid and satisfying sound at impact with a soft, responsive feel.
  • High Launch: Easy to get the ball airborne, aiding in longer carry distances.


  • Workability: May not offer the same level of shot-shaping control for advanced golfers.
  • Price: Higher price point compared to some other game-improvement irons.
  • Beginner Suitability: While forgiving, absolute beginners might find super game-improvement irons more suitable.


Are Ping G410 Irons Good?

The Ping G410 irons stand out in the game-improvement category for several reasons. One of the most notable strengths is their forgiveness. The irons feature a larger clubface and perimeter weighting, which helps distribute weight more evenly across the clubface. This design minimizes the impact of off-center hits, allowing for more consistent and forgiving results. Golfers who struggle with striking the ball cleanly will find the G410 irons particularly beneficial.

Another significant advantage of the Ping G410 irons is the distance they can generate. The irons are designed with a thin, high-strength steel face, which flexes more effectively upon impact. This face flex technology enhances ball speed, resulting in greater distance even on mishits. The lower center of gravity (CG) in the G410 irons also contributes to a higher launch angle, which helps in achieving longer carry distances.

In terms of aesthetics, the Ping G410 irons have seen considerable improvement compared to previous models. The irons feature a thinner top line and less offset, giving them a more traditional look that appeals to a broader range of golfers. Despite these changes, they still maintain the high level of forgiveness that Ping irons are known for.

However, it is worth noting that while the Ping G410 irons are excellent for forgiveness and distance, they might not offer the same level of workability that better players seek. Advanced golfers who prefer to shape their shots and require precise control might find the G410 irons somewhat limiting in this regard.


What is the Difference Between Ping G400 and G410 Irons?

The Ping G400 and G410 irons are both designed to offer forgiveness and distance, but several key differences set them apart. The G410 irons feature various improvements in design, performance, and aesthetics compared to the G400 irons. Here’s a detailed comparison of the two models:

Design and Aesthetics

Feature Ping G400 Irons Ping G410 Irons
Top Line Thicker Thinner
Offset More pronounced Reduced
Finish Hydropearl Chrome Hydropearl 2.0 Chrome
Overall Look Larger, more forgiving appearance Sleeker, more traditional look

Performance and Technology

Feature Ping G400 Irons Ping G410 Irons
Face Technology COR-Eye Technology Face Flex Technology with COR-Eye
Forgiveness High forgiveness due to perimeter weighting Enhanced forgiveness with improved weighting
MOI (Moment of Inertia) High Higher due to better weight distribution
Center of Gravity Low for higher launch Lower, optimizing launch and distance
Ball Speed High Higher due to thinner face and face flex

Sound and Feel

Feature Ping G400 Irons Ping G410 Irons
Impact Sound Solid, satisfying Enhanced, more refined
Vibration Dampening Co-molded cavity badge Improved co-molded cavity badge
Feel Soft, responsive Softer, more responsive

Customization and Fitting

Feature Ping G400 Irons Ping G410 Irons
Shaft Options Variety of steel and graphite options Enhanced variety of steel and graphite options
Custom Tuning Port Included Enhanced for better feel and customization
Adjustability Limited More options for custom fitting

Overall Summary

Feature Ping G400 Irons Ping G410 Irons
Target Audience Mid- to high-handicap golfers Mid- to high-handicap golfers
Best For Forgiveness and distance Improved forgiveness, distance, and aesthetics
Release Year 2017 2019

Are Ping G410 Irons for Beginners?

While the Ping G410 irons are primarily aimed at mid- to high-handicap golfers, they can also be suitable for beginners. The key characteristics that make the G410 irons a good choice for less experienced golfers include their forgiveness, ease of launch, and distance.

Beginners often struggle with consistent ball striking, and the G410 irons’ forgiving nature helps mitigate the effects of mishits. The larger sweet spot and perimeter weighting mean that even off-center hits can result in decent distance and accuracy, which is crucial for maintaining confidence and enjoyment in the game.

The high launch capabilities of the G410 irons also benefit beginners. These irons have a low center of gravity, which makes it easier to get the ball airborne. For golfers who are just starting and may not have developed a high swing speed, this can make a significant difference in achieving satisfactory ball flight and distance.

However, it is also important to note that there are even more forgiving options available for absolute beginners. Super game-improvement irons, such as the Ping G710 or other brands’ equivalents, offer even larger clubfaces and greater forgiveness. While the G410 irons are very forgiving, beginners might find these other options even easier to use as they start their golfing journey.

How Much Do Ping G410 Irons Cost?

The cost of Ping G410 irons can vary depending on the retailer, the number of clubs in the set, and the choice of shafts (steel or graphite). As of 2024, a new set of Ping G410 irons typically ranges from $800 to $1,100. This price can fluctuate based on custom fitting options and any promotions or discounts that might be available.

For golfers on a budget, it is also worth considering the second-hand market. Used sets of Ping G410 irons can often be found at significantly reduced prices, especially as newer models are released. When purchasing used clubs, it is essential to buy from reputable sources to ensure the clubs are in good condition.

Are Ping G410 Irons Good for High Handicappers?

High handicappers will find the Ping G410 irons to be an excellent choice due to their forgiving nature, distance, and ease of launch. The design features that make these irons stand out include the larger sweet spot, perimeter weighting, and high-strength steel face.

Forgiveness is crucial for high handicappers who often struggle with consistent ball striking. The G410 irons’ perimeter weighting helps to stabilize the club on off-center hits, reducing the severity of mishits and providing more consistent results. This forgiveness can lead to improved confidence and better overall performance on the course.

Distance is another significant factor for high handicappers. The thin face and face flex technology of the G410 irons enhance ball speed, resulting in longer shots. This added distance can be particularly beneficial for golfers who may not have high swing speeds, as it helps them reach greens more easily and potentially lower their scores.

The ease of launch provided by the G410 irons is also advantageous for high handicappers. The low center of gravity helps to get the ball airborne with less effort, which is particularly useful for those who struggle with hitting the ball high enough to maximize carry and distance.

In summary, the Ping G410 irons offer a combination of forgiveness, distance, and easy launch that makes them highly suitable for high handicappers looking to improve their game.


The Ping G410 irons are a compelling option for mid- to high-handicap golfers seeking to improve their performance on the course. These irons excel in forgiveness, distance, and aesthetics, making them a strong contender in the game-improvement category. The design improvements over the G400, such as the thinner top line, less offset, and improved weighting, contribute to a more refined and effective club.

While the G410 irons are suitable for beginners, those just starting might find even more forgiving options in super game-improvement irons. The cost of the G410 irons is in the mid to high range for game-improvement irons, but their performance and build quality justify the investment. High handicappers, in particular, will benefit from the forgiving nature, added distance, and easy launch of the G410 irons. However, very low handicappers who prioritize workability and shot-shaping might prefer a different set of irons designed for maximum control. Overall, the Ping G410 irons provide an excellent blend of performance, forgiveness, and aesthetics, making them a standout choice for many golfers looking to enhance their game.


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